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PEEM Ltd. concentrates on two branches of action:

  1. Services involved in various projects of modernization of building materials production, energy or as well as other industries, especially where bulk materials are handled.

    You have got a project, we will help you to bring it to the life.

    For your vision, aim, project strategy we are here for you with feasibility study, with the original technical suggestion, for your planning with our help with your business plan. On the projects beginning we will elaborate for you design engineering documentation of all levels. During the project realization we are here with deliveries, construction, assembly. And finally during the commisioning we are able to help you to put the equipment in hand and to ensure the authors supervision.

    We have got wide experiences from building materials production : raw minerals preparation, burning, fuel preparation, grinding and classifying, bulk materials dispatching, bagging and palletizing. Our knowledge of bulk materials can be applied also in another industry – energetics, chemistry, metallurgy, agriculture…We know to design and assembly big investment units, to work in heights, in hot and dusty areas. The delivery of auxiliary structures, chutes, passes etc. is ensured by our own production in our assembly hall in Zbraslav u Rosic.

  2. Application of exclusive structural work, which involves specially efficient reinforcement of existing brick, stone, concrete and steel structures by subsequently prestressing / post-tensioning high-grade steel strands introduced into them.

    Prestressing / post-tensioning makes possible to increase bearing capacity of building structures, to preserve and prolong their life span and therefore their function, namely at disrupted building objects. Prestressing / post – tensioning finds is used more frequently for new structures designing. Structures reinforcement consist in high-tech technology application – reinforcement existing steel- concrete structures by use post-tensioning anchor strands Monostrand. Some application examples:

    • Reinforcement of girder / primary beam of the crane way
    • Reinforcement of girder / primary beam of the roof tie-beam of the hall.
    • Reinforcement of the columns corbel
    • Reinforcement of the columns foundation base plinth, of its shaft
    • Reduction of sag of the bridge crane, increase in its load-bearing capacity
    • Reinforcement of masonry structures
    • Reinforcement of bridges

    The Company PEEM Ltd. is a holder of an application for a European patent for "Strengthening of reinforced concrete corbels by subsequent post-tensioning", and is a holder of reserved right of a technical reference manual "Partially prestressed frame diagonal with parabolic belts", the author of the technical solution "Reinforcement of a bridge crane by subsequent post-tensioning".