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Pre-stressing of structures has more than a sixty-year old tradition but despite this tradition it is still not quite entirely a normal method especially for some applications. In any case however it brings a whole lot of utility advantages or benefits. Pre-stressing enhances the load-bearing capacity of building constructions and helps to maintain and prolong their life-span (durability) and hence as well as their function and for this matter even for damaged structures. And at last pre-stressing still and more often finds its position and significance in the designing of new structures, where it so remarkably influences not only the architectural design of the structure, but from the point of view of the ratio of mass and price to the load-bearing capacity of the structure, as well as its utility factor.

The modification of the internal stress respectively the force ratios in the already existing structure is – besides the change in the structural diagram – perhaps only the introduction of a new force system. And this is why subsequent pre-stressing is the elegant and efficient way of how to achieve that. Via a suitably channelled post-tensioned steel strand we can transfer the result force from one point of the structure to another – more suitable point. The introduction of a compressional force either reduces or eliminates unfavourable tensile stress which develops on the application of loads onto structures.

Out of aesthetic reasons our natural effort is to inbuild all the steel strands – hide them in the structure itself to avoid disruption of the interior or facade of the structure.

It is infinitely possible to modify the procedures of pre-stressing because the flexible steel strand enables channeling according to necessity and disposition of the structure. Apart from reinforcing structures it is possible to cut parts of concrete structures and replace them by three-dimensional steel strand support, it is possible to increase utility inconsistence of the structure by leaving out columns thereby replacing them with a strand system.

  • The Company PEEM Ltd. is a holder of an application for a European patent for "Strengthening of reinforced concrete corbels by subsequent post-tensoning", and is a holder of reserved right of a technical reference manual "Partially prestressed frame diagonal with parabolic belts", the author of the technical solution "Reinforcement of a bridge crane by subsequent post-tensioning".
  • The Company PEEM Ltd. has been dedicated methodically to independent scientific research activities in this field. It has been co-operating closely with the institute of concrete and brick structures of the Faculty of Civil Engineering of the Brno University of Technology in terms of research.

In the next part we would like to touch on and introduce to you individual applications in more detail.

Exclusive structural works