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Ing. Jiří Chalabala

The company PEEM Ltd. originated in 1992 initially as an association of designers. It became a legal entity in March 1993 and has maintained this status till the present time. The original name of the company, PEM (projects, engineering, management) was changed into PEEM in July 2002. The reason for this change was the coincidence of the company name with the name of an Austrian Company which enjoyed the priority of having been registered earlier in the European register of company names.

Ever since the establishment of the company we have been devoted to designing almost exclusively for a number of years. We have focused on designing for production of building materials, for cement and lime plants, but as well as for other industry ( foundries, energy plants ) and in so doing continuing with our previous work in Keramoprojekt, Brno. In our designing work we have always endeavored to invent new, non-traditional and original solutions which would eventually bring about advancement.

There still has been a larger demand for delivery of services of the more complex nature in the market in the recent years. Now a good design is not good enough, a solution "on paper", a customer needs a bid to help him with his idea/intention from the beginning till the end, ie. till the problem has been resolved and the build has been handed over or till the facility has been launched into operation. We have therefore entirely altered our mission and made adaptation to the organization and operation of the company to completely correspond to the new motto "From design up to realization".

Currently we would like to concentrate on two branches of action.

  • The first one being, traditional branch, those are services involved in various designs of modernization of production of building materials, energy or as well as other industries especially where bulk materials are handled.
  • The second one, a new branch, it is about the application of exclusive structural work, which involves specially efficient reinforcement of existing brick, stone, concrete and steel structures by subsequently prestressing high-grade steel strands introduced into them.

Every new problem poses a challenge for us to find the best possible solution. We always provide or offer a complete range of services right from the assessment of the investment plan, through individual phases of the project documentation, delivery, realization, assembly or installation up to launching into operation.

In Brno
Date: 17th March 2009
Dipl. Ing. Jiri Chalabala
Company Executive, company owner